SCYTALE Group is established, at Computer Engineering and Informatics Department, Polytechnic School, of the University of Patras, Hellas, specialised mainly in the following topics: Cryptographic...

Computer Engineering & Informatics Dept. (CEID) is essentially the leading part in the field of Computer Technology, Informatics and Communications in Hellas. In a short time, developed into one of the best University Departments, with a large number of candidates every year.

University of Patras


2024 IEEE CSR Workshop on Hardware Cybersecurity Systems (HACS) September 2-4, London, UK (Hybrid)


Behavioral Next Generation in Wireless Networks for Cyber Security (BEiNG-WISE) 09/2023 - 09/2026


Hardware Security and Trust Book Publication

editors N. Sklavos, R. Chaves, G. Di Natale, F. Regazzoni, Springer, ISBN: 9783319443188

SCYTALE Group Activities


Teaching course at graduate and postgraduate levels. PhD, MSc & Diploma Thesis supervising.

R and D

Research and Development projects and similar related activities, funding by EU and resources.


Journals, international conferences summer schools and other events organization. Papers presentations, invited talks etc.


K. Tsantikidou participated in

K. Tsantikidou participated in "goodbrother" project's training school, May 2024, @ Belgrade, Serbia

"Behavioral Next Generation in Wireless Networks for Cyber Security (BEiNG-WISE)" Project, Meeting @ INRIA, Lille, France, March 2024

E. Konstantopoulou presented the joint work,

E. Konstantopoulou presented the joint work, "Towards Secure and Efficient Multi-generation Cellular Communications: Multi-mode SNOW-3G/V ASIC and FPGA Implementations", 19th International Symposium on Applied Reconfigurable Computing (ARC’23), Germany, September, 2023.

Paper presentation with title,

Paper presentation with title, "Securing 5G/6G Communications in Smart Cities: Novel SNOW-V/ZUC-256 Multimode Architectures", during The 2023 International Conference On Security and Management (SAM’23), Las Vegas, USA, July, 2023.

Nicolas Sklavos, Distinguished Track Speaker,

Nicolas Sklavos, Distinguished Track Speaker, "Security as a Service, for Next Generation: 5G and 6G Challenge", @ 1st IEEE Next G Summit, Johns Hopkins University, Laurel, Maryland, USA, June 2022

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