1. Anastasios Bikos, Research Associate



  1. Agamemnon Antoniadis, Diploma Thesis (Integrated M.Sc.), "FPGA Implementation of a Physical Unclonable Function (PUF), Monte-Carlo", 2020.
  2. Marios Tsavos, Diploma Thesis (Integrated M.Sc.), "Design and Implementation of a Streaming Cryptographic System, Based on Reconfigurable Logic", 2020.
  3. Christos Delis, Diploma Thesis (Integrated M.Sc.), "Design and Implementation of an Embedded System, for Smart Farming", 2020.
  4. Stavros Limnaios, M.Sc. Thesis, "Design and Hardware Implementation, of an Efficient, Lightweight Crypto-Core Simeck32/64, for IoT Devices", 2019.
  5. Konstantina Kytea, M.Sc. Thesis, "Detection and Analysis of the Web Browsers Activity, for Digital Forensics", 2019.
  6. Ioannis Papakonstantinou, Diploma Thesis (Integrated M.Sc.), "Design and FPGA Implementation, of Cluster Ring Oscillator Physical Unclonable Functions - PUFs", 2019.
  7. Andronikos Kyriakou, Diploma Thesis (Integrated M.Sc.), "Containerized Honeypot Deployment for the Analysis and Visualization of Malicious Activity", 2018.
  8. Paris Panagiotou, Diploma Thesis (Integrated M.Sc.), "Design & Implementation of a Security System, for Internet of Things (IoT)", 2018.
  9. Eleni Isa, Diploma Thesis (Integrated M.Sc.), "Hardware Trojans Detection, in Digital Systems", 2017.
  10. Stavroula Zouzoula, Diploma Thesis (Integrated M.Sc.), "Design and Implementation of Security Co-Processor, for Satellite Communications Systems", 2017.

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