SCYTALE Group is established, at Computer Engineering and Informatics Department, Polytechnic School, of the University of Patras, Hellas, specialised mainly in the following topics:

  • Cryptographic Engineering,
  • Hardware Security,
  • Cybersecurity,
  • Digital Systems Design,
  • Internet of Things (IoT).

Main objective of the group is to support the quality of high level studies for the students of the Department, at both graduate and postgraduate level, in the areas of Security, Hardware, and Digital Systems.

The group consists of faculty members, researchers, students, and external collaborators, with both academic and industrial experiences, which work together for both academic and research activities.

The members of SCYTALE Group have been involved with Research and Development activities, regarding international and national research programs & projects, funded by the European Union and National resources.

A numerous of collaborations have been established between the group and parties from both academic institute and industry partners.

Last but not least, SCYTALE Group supports every year a number of international conferences organisations, summer schools, seminars etc, with academic, research, and development activities and contributions.